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Reviews :: Georges Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Find out what new patients at Georges Chiropractic & Wellness Center are saying about us…

Staff is friendly and helps to set you at ease in a new environment, which I feel is a big plus.

~ Fernie B.

Very good experience overall!!

~ Silvia S.

Everyone is very friendly. I had seen Dr. Georges many years ago, and even though this practice seems bigger, his professional approach is still very apparent.

~ Hector A.

A very pleasant and welcoming staff. Starr took the time to remember my name even before ever meeting me. It feels like family.

~Malcolm W.

You all were great. Dr. was very nice and understanding.

~ Carmen D.

The staff is very professional and friendly.

~ Soledad B.

Everyone was very friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable: Starr, Samantha, Noemi, and Dr. Georges. Appointments always run on time, and after two consultations and treatments by Dr. Georges, I am confident that I will start feeling better real soon. Thank you!

~ Bernadette A.

The staff is very attentive and helpful.

~ Joohnna M.

Thank you so much for giving me hope that there is help for the pain. That I don’t have to do this alone. Your guidance and acceptance have meant so much to me.

~ Kadesh W.

We loved our experience here! Don’t change a thing!

~ Christi L.

My anxiety level was at an all-time high but quickly dissipated as I finished my appointment. Thank you.

~ Joanni B.

I was referred to Dr. Georges and have experienced great service and attention by all his employees and I’m grateful that he has made me feel better in such a short time. Thank you Dr. Georges for everything you have done for me.

~ Patricia S.

I am very pleasantly surprised @ the knowledge that Dr Georges has. I feel confident that he will be able to help me get through this rough times.

~ David P.

Please get me better so I can play better golf ! just kidding was very well recieved very friendly staff!

~ Charlie T.

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