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The Georges Chiropractic & Wellness Center Philosophy

plant in handWhat if everything we have learned from birth on how we are meant to be and stay healthy were simply not accurate? What if health was not an outside-in job (as traditional medicine views it) but in fact an inside-out job?

What if the human body was actually meant to be a self healing, self regulating mechanism and always functioned perfectly given its environment and circumstances at any given moment in time?

I believe all of the above and I also believe that we are at a moment of crisis concerning healthcare in our country. If one simply looks at the amount of money we spend in healthcare right now and considers that the first of 80 million baby boomers are now filing for medicare, it will not take long for our system as we know it to be financially bankrupt.

A Better Lifestyle

The answer? We have to look at and accept that the majority of what we now call disease is in fact lifestyle created adaptations in the body. In other words, we are creating these diseases by our lifestyle choices. Until we decide to make better lifestyle choices, we can expect to continue on the path of exponential increases in Type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and just about any other common disease one can think of.

As a chiropractor, I look to re-establish the normal homeostasis (balance) of the body by working with my patients in the functioning of their spine which has direct control over the functioning of the nervous system as well as working with them in the way that they eat, move and think. Through a combination of these efforts, the human body is then better able to handle the stressors of normal life and function as it was designed, in perfect health.

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Call our El Paso chiropractic office and begin care today.


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